A brief walk through in the by lanes of Kumortuli where the creation of Devi takes place in the northern fringes of the city.

Creation is an eternal process, the rich cultural heritage of India has been age old and its diversity in religious belief has been focused in Hindu Mythology. The festival of Durga puja is celebrated all over India and specially in Bengal every year. The by lanes of North Kolkata beside the Ganges is Kumortuli. The name has its own relation with the place ‘Kumor’ or the Potters’ place…It has been a long story since the first Durga Puja was held in 1933, this place has pioneered the making of clay idols which is worshipped. This place has global recognition for artistic creation and innovation. The smell of mud, the basic lifestyle of the artist and temporary shelters will make you feel that divine power exists in human manifestation. The normal lifestyle of people prevails but still will make us awake of the existence of divine power. The daily life goes on in spite of all distress, hazards we have in our life, making us believe that God exists in human being which gives the power of creation. The context of our mindset resides in our soul, belief and existence. Human being in their life span has believed in the religion and India is a place of diversity, though this festival has marked the involvement of all religion and the 4 days festival is celebrated with glory. The preparation on set of Kumortuli is throughout the year and creative excellence of the artist is known all over the world. Devi Durga has its deep roots in Hindu Mythology and is worshipped with divine spirit all over India. Creating the Clay idols, with unique formation from the clay which is brought from the banks of the river has been age old style and still prevails, and maintaining the strong cultural heritage of this art form has been always special and unique and we are amazed by their versatility of the artist of Kumortuli. Lifestyle in The City of Joy has its own nature, from the urban lifestyle to the basic lifestyle of the artist has been a contrast but still they are special who creates this divine form and the Making of the Goddess and makes our life joyful during the festival still living within a temporary shelter and creating this unique creativity. An unique place to see the highest form of art where human being creates God, strange but true…Life never stops and so does creativity.