The Mukherjee Family is one of the family who still maintains the culture and tradition. I was lucky to meet one of new generation member of the family who invited me to their ancestral house at Krishnanagar Nadia for the occation of Jagadhatri puja. I was greeted by Sri Satyasundar Mukherjee who was telling me about the rich cultural heritage of the family. The family maintained its tradition by celebration Durga Puja previously and now Jagadhatri Puja at their Krishnanagar Home. The new generation of the Family Subhra Sankar Mukherjee, Soumik Sankar Mukherjee , Souvik Sankar Mukherjee  and Sourik Sankar Mukherjee still maintained their family tradition of culture and heritage. Thanks to all members of the family who reunite and celebrate their festival uniquely. Below are some glimpse of there puja and celebration.