Bonedi Barir Pujo in Kolkata still maintains a blend of rich culture and tradition still today. With Sarbarna Roy Choudhury Puja over 400 years most of the puja have crossed average 100 years and plus still going on. Devi Uma is their daughter who comes home once in a year. I have been visiting some of the house which has rich tradition and rituals still going on, the younger generation is enthuastic about the puja and its ritual also.
You may see how sandhi puja, arati, dhuno porano, kumari puja has special event maintained over the years.
Balaram De Street Dutta Bari 134 years have been very maintaining puja tradition over the years. Sovabazar Rajbari maintains tradition in both their houses till date with glory. Started by Raja Nabakrishna Deb, the heritage still remains the same here, durga idol is built in the nat mandir, rituals are celebrated in glory as Uma goddess durga belongs to home. Raja Nabakrishna Deb (1737–97) founder of the Shovabazar Rajbari, During his lifetime Raja Nabakrishna Deb built two houses. The building at 33 Raja Nabakrishna Street,  was the one first constructed by him, subsequently given over by him to his adopted son Gopimohan. The house at 36 Raja Nabakrishna Street was built by him when a son was born to him later in life and was left to his natural son Rajkrishna and his descendants. Both the houses celebrate Durga Puja with Glory. Darjeepara Mitra bari maintains its tradition since 1807. Shiv Krishna Dawn Bari is famous for the jewellary that the adorable mother wears. Jorasanko Dawn bari also marks its tradition. Babu Khelat Ghosh, Thanthania Dutta Bari where Shiv Durga idol is worshipped, Nilmoni Sen bari Abhaya Durga, Laha Bari, Chorbagan Seal bari, Chorbagan Chatterjee bari, and Rani Rashmoni Puja in Janbazar marks rich heritage of Kolkata. Take a glimpse of few of the Bonedi Barir Pujo.