South Kolkata has been pioneering in creating beautiful artwork over the years as well as some beautiful traditional pujas apart from theme. It has touched the heart of people not only kolkata but all over India.

Presenting some of the unique artwork of 2018 from south Kolkata.

  1. Tridhara Sammilani has been unique in there durga puja celebration. Artist Gourango Kuila has created beautiful artwork using Jute sticks, Earthen pots and he himself has created the devi form.
  2. Hindusthan Club : Artist Shib Sankar Das creation, here the theme is various forms of mother is shown. Idol created by Naba Kumar Pal.
  3. Bally gunge Cultural : Traditional devi from by Sri Pradip Rudra Pal. Artist Biman Saha has beautifully used thermocol throughout the pandal.
  4. Samaj Sebi Sangha : Subhadeep and Sumi Majumder creation ‘Sparsh’ a concept that how a blind can feel the durga puja. Devi idol created by Parimal Pal.

Some more Top Pujas of South Kolkata:

  1. BakulBagan Sarbojonin : Artist Bimal Samanta creation ‘Badhon Chera Pran’ the whole theme is crated from the scrap of betel nut tree shell.
  2. 64 Pally : Artist Rupak Basu creation is Mahamaya..but the main idea of the artwork is brand and how we are engulfed in brand image. Unique Devi Idol created by Bhaotosh Sutar, Music Ashu Chakracorty, Narration by Mir, and Light Premendu Bikash Chaki.
  3. Mudiali Club: Artist Gourango Kuila creation in traditional form. Unique Dokra and Scroll painting form is display.
  4. Suruchi Sangha: Unique earthen work by artist Subrata Banerjee, Ankita Banerjee and Devi created by Naba Kumar Pal.