Kashi Bose Lane 2018 presents Amar Alinde a concept by Pradip Das. Artist has presented an installation art of typical balcony of houses of north kolkata. Sanatan Dinda has created idol in unique form. Lets see this form below.

Hathibagan Sarbojonin 2018 presents artist Debojyoti Jana’s concept of freedom of free space, air, and to remove the waves. The main concept is freedom but still waves confined us. Idol is created by Soumen Pal. Music by Joy Sarkar.

Jagat Mukherjee Park 2018 : This years theme is Time Machine, a visualization of how it will look 200 years later. An evolution of robot and human interaction is the essence. Beautiful devi form and concept by artist Subal Pal.

Chorebagan Sarbojanin 2018 by Artist Debotosh Kar presents ‘Bilin’.  Clay is used as elements with which earth is created . Materials like clay and dried leaves have been used to create an effect of the working mechanism of the primitive underground world. Ant house resembles the connection of nature and earth. Devi Idol resembles uniqueness. One of the best innovation of 2018.

Kumartuli Sarbojonin 2018 presents ‘Matir Phisphas’ an unique composition by Artist Parimal Pal. Earth and clay is the main composition of this theme. Artist has evolved various economic crisis of the Kumartuli artist. All ends in this earth as well. One of the best creation over the years.

Hathibagan Nabin Pally 2018 presents ‘Tobu Mone Rekho’ the concept is closed Library the whole Pnadal is a beautifully created library to create the awareness of reading. Artist Subal Pal has created the Devi from from Chandipuran.