It has been a great journey for last 12 years to showcase the art work and the culture of the heritage of the people. Its really very tough to show every artwork and concept behind this greatest festival. I have been trying show you the culture as well as the feel of the divine spirit in ourselves in this time. Durga has various forms and her forms is personified in different formation and spiritual insight. Like Annapurna is the form of Parvati who blesses the household with food. Aparajita means Durga as the invincible.Bhadrakali is one of the aspects of Mahakali and the form that sprang from her wrath when her husband, Shiva, was insulted by Daksha, and who fought along with Virabhadra. Bhairavi is the Devi as the power to cause terror, one of the ten aspects of Shiva’s energy. Bhavani is another name. Dakshayani is Durga as the daughter of Daksha. Gauri, means yellow or golden wife of Shiva. Indrakshi has eyes similar to Lord Indra’s, and is often worshiped by Indra. Jagadhatri is the one who sustains the world. Katyayani is the Devi who was once born as the daughter of Kata. Parvati is the daughter of Parvata, the personification of the Himalaya. Rudrani is wife of Rudra. Tripura Bhairavi is the shakti of Shiva when he is the ruler of death.

The Markandeya Purana describes these incarnations
(1) As Durga she received the message of the giants ; (2) As Dasabhuja she destoyed the asuras ; (3) As Singhavahini she fought with Raktabeeja ; (4) As Mahishamardini she destroyed Mahisasur ; (5) As Jagaddhatri she overcame the army of the asuras ; (6) As Kali she demolished Raktabeeja ; (7) As Muktakesi she overcame another asura.(8) As Tara she destroyed Sumbha in his own proper shape ; (9) As Chinnamustaka she killed Nisumbha ; (10) As Jagadgauri she received thanks of the gods.

Durgapuja Kolkata