Here is the list of best Kolkata Durgapujo


Bagbazaar is one of the oldest Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata, having been in existence for around 100 years. It’s a relatively simple one with emphasis on tradition and culture, but it always attracts the crowds with its strikingly beautiful idol of Debi. Kumari Pujo and traditional rituals are special

Location: North Kolkata, along the river in Bagbazaar. Near the Bagbazar Launch Ghat and Bagbazar Kolkata Circular Railway Station. The closest Metro railway station is Shayambazar.

2.Kumartuli Park

Kumartuli Park is a relatively young pandal, but one that has become deservedly popular. It’s particularly special because it takes place in the area  by professional artisans of Kumartuli itself.

Location: North Kolkata, along the river at Kumartuli Park, just before Bagbazar (ideally, plan to visit both pandals). The nearest railway station is the Sovabazar Metro. It’s also close to Sovabazar Launch Ghat.

3.College Square

College Square has a really picturesque setting beside a lake, and the whole area is illuminated for the festival. Understandably, the crowd come to this pandal to see the sparkling lights and their reflection on the water.  It’s best visited at night. Devi in traditional form

Location: Central Kolkata. 53 College Street. Near Kolkata University, off MG (Mahatma Gandhi) Road. The nearest railway stations are Mahatma Gandhi Road and Central Metro.

4. Mohammad Ali Park

As its name suggests, this pandal is located in a large park. It is a popular pujo of central kolkata with culture.

Location: Central Kolkata. Opposite College Square, on Mahatma Gandhi Road (visit this pandal along with College Square).

5. Santosh Mitra Square

Santosh Mitra Square has been a popular in central kolkata, and has remained popular ever since. It’s known for its remarkable art work. Traditional devi form

Location: Central Kolkata, in the Bow Bazaar area. It’s off BB Ganguly Street, not far from Sealdah railway station. The nearest Metro station is Central.

6. Badamtala Ashar Sangha

Badamtala Ashar Sangha is a long standing Durga Puja pandal (around 75 years old) that also has a special place in people’s hearts. They have captured creative excellence in theme since last 5 years..

7.Chakraberia Sarbojanin Durgotsab Committee

Started up in 1946 which conducts Durga Puja on a grand manner every year.

Location  :58 A Chakraberia Road (North)
Bhowanipur Triangular Park

8.Ekdalia Evergreen

Ekdalia Evergreen in South Kolkata, at Gariahat, is among the famous Kolkata Durga Puja pandals for exhibiting splendid replicas of temples from across India. The Devi here is usually in traditional form

9.Suruchi Sangha

Suruchi Sangha in South Kolkata is known for its creative themeexhibition of idols, modelled on the look and design of goddess Durga in different states of India. Last Few years, it won award respectively for best-decorated pandal and exquisite artwork.

10.Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir

Bose Pukur Sitala Mandir in South Kolkata is known for winning many awards on the basis of its unique themes, displayed almost each year. Located in Kasba connector from Ruby towards Gariahat.

11. Jodhpur Park

Jodhpur Park in South Kolkata is ranked among the most popular pujas in the city for its continuous display of vast and varied themes each year.

12.Tridhara Sammilani

Unique creativity and perfect pujo ambience …pujo is located near rashbehari Avenue.

13.Haridevpur Ajeyo Sanghati

The pujo endeavors themes relevant to different cultures of india, last few years they have shown us some of the best forms of Devi…Its in Haridevpur near Tollygunge.

14. 95 Palli – jodhpur park

The south kolkata pujo in Jodhpur park has been one of the prominent pujas. They have shown uniqueness in their puja approach, idol creation.

15.Barisha Club

A few years back 2 clubs in south kolkata created history in art and passion and culture now they have united to form Barisha Club in Behala. One of the best pujos in Kolkata, a place you must visit.

16.Behala Natun Dal

They bring new theme and uniqueness in pandal creation. The whole ambience is created as if there is a reality. They create themes from pandal to light from ambience and form of debi. It seem you have come into a world apart.

17.Naktala Udayan

Last few years they have shown what they are. One of the top puja in South Kolkata in between Garia and tollygunge …the stop is Naktala. There approach takes whole different way to mesmarise our eyes.

18.Nalin Sarkar Street

One of the old puja of North kolkata…Location near Khanna cinema crossing. They perform puja in high note with unique different theme while keeping the puja rituals at priority.

19. Darponarayan tagore Street

Unique theme created every year. Location near girish park metro. They are pioneer is theme based pujas in Kolkata

20.Sikdar Bagan Sarbojanin

Located in Hatibagan of North Kolkata they perform pujas with rich glory.


Location Ultadanga : The puja and ambience is unique every year with creative themes and devi form is divine.

 22.Kashi Bose Lane

Location Hedua in north Kolkata : They perform traditional durga puja which enriches our heart with divine feeling.

23. Singhi Park Sarbojonin

This pujo located near Hindustan Park Opposite side road of Ekdalia Evergreen hails specialization in traditional puja, their lighting and pandal form uniqueness every year. They believe there traditional form of devi.

24. Chalta Bagan Lohapatty

This puja location is Near Maniktola crossing. They specialize in unique pandal and artwork creation and creative form of devi durga resembling the pandal theme. they maintain rich culture including Kumari Puja. they perform various social work during the time of the puja.

25. DumDum Park Bharat Chakra

Location DumDum Park on VIP road. There puja is unique theme with culture, ambiance and feels we are out to the next work within. They were crowned in various awards last few years. They form theme based puja.

26.Debdaru Phatak Behali

This puja located in Behala has been one of the promising puja in last few years. they maintain traditional culture and uniqueness in Debi form.

27. Ahiritola Sarbojonin

This puja is located near B.K. Paul Avenue. They are famous for unique theme for pandal , light and unique form of devi durga.

28.DumDumPark Tarun Sangha

this puja is located in Dum Dum Park, Tank No.3. They have been crowned for various award for last few years for their unique theme in debi form, pandal and lighting. They form an ambiance which is overwhelmed by us when we visit the place.

29. Mitali Kankurgachi

This is located in Maniktala Main Road, kankurgachi in north kolkata. They perform puja with rich culture and unique themes that resembles devi. They artwork is unique. Visit this unique puja for a mesmerizing experience.

30.Tala Barowari

Located in Banomali Chatterjee Street in north Kolkata. this puja performs richness in tradition and theme.