Kumartuli-A Walk through, a busy place for idol-makers, their small and narrow workshops, specially during the time of the Durga puja. Over the years, the region has experienced and witnessed changes in the style of the clay idols, their expression and depictions, especially the ones made for Durga puja. Carrying a history within itself, as these represent a special place where the goddess is given a life. The regions parts of Sovabazar and Airitola is busy where artisans who have traditional base as well as they work from various parts of bengal come here to accomplish their earnings through the special artform. As Mahalaya comes near the hurry to complete the idols become intense..among various problems still they manage to work on to put life in the idols through their creation. First a Starw structure, then applying Mud which is specially collected from the banks of river Ganga and applying forms. The form of Durga that gradually came to be accepted and worshipped during the festival is Mahisasurmardini. According to the saying, the first kumbhar was brought over to the region from Krisnanagar in Nadia district of bengal by Raja Nabakrisna Deb to build a Durga idol to worship of devi.