Nalini Sarkar St., Hathibagan, Kashibose Lane
Kumartuli Sarbojonin 2017

Kashi Bose Lane : The Concept for this year is Sound …..Celebrating 80th year. The thoughts and concept art is created by Artist Pradip Das. The Idol is created by Pintu Sikdar. The atmosphere is unique you will see a concert as soon as you enter the place…and seems devi is listing to sound. The characters and musical instruments is created by Fibre glass / wood

Kumartuli Sarbojonin : A respect to all the artist of Kumartuli concept by Artist Parimal Pal….The theme is Shradhanjali…here we see the past and the present of the Kumartuli the home of the goddess.

Hathibagan Sarbojonin : ‘Uran’…a beautiful concept art created by Debojyoti Jana and devi form created by Soumen Pal. You will see the pandal art is made of wooden parrots….the thought is freedom…

Nalini Sarkar Street : A beautiful concept ny Artist Rintu Das…here you will  come in a physically challenged home of children and mother goddess takes care of the child as her own…this will indulge your mind in a level of spiritual feelings.