Durga Puja 2016

/Durga Puja 2016

Dum Dum Park Yubak Brinda 2016

Concept by Artist Shiv Shankar Das , an unique creation on the theme FREEDOM. Pandal [...]

Dum Dum Park Bharat Chakra 2016

Concept by Artist Sanjeev Saha creation. Devi created by Parimal Pal.

Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha 2016

The theme is composed of various weapons used by Devi to abolish the evil power, [...]

Santospur Trikon Park 2016

In the Vedas, Uma is first mentioned in the Kena Upanishad where she is described [...]

Ekdalia Evergreen 2016

Tradition Devi form, Artist Sanatan Rudra Paul.

Sikdar Bagan 2016

Unique and Divine Devi form. Theme Artist:Sri Sujit Lal Idol Artist:Sri Parimal Pal

Barisha Club 2016

Artist Gourango Kuila Creation

75 Palli Bhowanipore 2016

Unique Theme creation and Devi is seen without her arms and Mahisa surrendering.

Abasar 2016

Unique Theme, Devi is seen in a fairy world. One of the best of the [...]