Durga Puja 2016

/Durga Puja 2016

Sanghasree 2016

Traditional Style, one of the oldest puja of South Kolkata.

41 Pally Haridevpur 2016

Theme and concept by artist Gourango Kuila

Ajeyo Sanhati Haridevpur 2016

Unique Art form of Devi by artist Anirban Das, Theme by the same artist.

SB Park Thakurpukur 2016

Divine Form by artist Bhabotosh Sutar, Music by Kabir Suman.

Kalighat Milan Sangha 2016

Our Best selection of the year...Unique and Divine form.

Hindusthan Park Sarbojonin 2016

Concept art by Anirban Das....an unique form of devi and artform.

95 Pally 2016-Icchepuran

Concept and art by Artist Susanta Paul ....Music Pt Mallar Ghosh

Naktala Udayan 2016

Art Concept by Susanta Paul, music by Pt. Mallar Ghosh

Tridhara Akalbodhan 2016

A magestic work by Artist Gourango Kuila...The theme resembles Tribal art form. Devi has its [...]