Ajeyo Sanhati, 41 Pally, Notun Dal, Behala Friends

Ajeyo Sanhati : The Concept for this year is Shankti Rupeno by artist Bimal Samanta …..the artist used scrap metal, old iron metal installation create a mesmerizing look. Devi idol is unique and beautiful created by Siddhartha Pal. Light by Premendu Bikash Chaki.

41 Pally : Artist Gourango Kuila Creation…the thought is how we can make our life more sympathetic towards humanity. Devi does not have any weapon in hand as she is in search of peace with her children…

Behala Notun Dal : Artist Jogen Choudhury concept ….Devi  idol created by Pintu Sikdar.

Behala Friends : 52nd year celebration..The concept is Khirki theke Singha Duar….by artist Rup Chand Kundu.