Chetla Agrani, Abasar, Bakulbagan, Naktala Udayan

Bakul Bagan Sarbojonin : The Concept for this year is Akla Phera by artist Bimal Samanta …..the artist used Bamboo from Assam. Devi idol is unique and beautiful created by Arun Pal. Light by Pinaki Guha.

Chetla Agrani : Artist Bhabotosh Sutar has a masterpiece work for the 25th year celebration. With a concept of immortality, their theme is called ‘Antaheen’.  The Devi is created from Mahagony wood crafted. Lord Shiva is crafted in the back side of the devi idol.

Abasar : Artist Subrata Banaerjee Creation. The puja theme captures the effects of global warming and catastrophic impacts of climate change. Built in a shape of a globe, the pandal depicts the adversity of the rising temperature on Earth. Build from about 8,000kg of glass this artwork took almost 9 months.

Naktala Udayan : A beautiful concept by Artist Susanta Pal. The idea is that life and death is from a single point perspective. The light plays an important part as the transformation is done through effects. A presentation that will be remembered forever.