The Celebration of Devi Durga in Bengal is known for centuries. Traditionally this puja marks the onset of the Autumn Festival in the month of Ashwin. In the Month of Chaitra Basanti Durga puja is celebrated also. The festival we celebrate in Ashwin is popularly known as Sharadiya Durga Puja. Bodhan marks the start of the Festival. It’s a ritual that is performed on the 6th Day or Maha Shasti. Bodhan mean the Awakening of the goddess. As mythology states the Sharadiya Durga puja is the unusual awakening of devi so it is Stated Akal Bodhan. The Basanti Durga Puja does not have the ritual of Bodhan as it’s the normal time Devi is worshipped. This puja was performed by Maharaja Surath.
In Kalika Puran the mention of Sharadiya Durga puja is mentioned. To destroy Mahisasur the power of the Gods created Devi Durga in the Ashram of Rishi Kattayan. This relates to the Rajas form of MahaLakshmi described in Sri Sri Chandi.
Devipuran states Devi demoshied Ghorashur in Ashwin in MahaNabani. In Devi Bhagwatam After the death of Sati she evolved to destruct Daksha Yagna, hence forth She is Dakshayagna Binashini.
In Treta Yug Sri Ram Chandra worshipped devi in unusual time hence ‘Akalbodhan’ to demolish Ravana.
The story of Durga puja celebration by Sri Ram Chandra is mentioned in the Ramayana written by Krittibus.
In Devi Bhagwatam it is mentioned Sri Ramchandra got the message to worship Devi when he was in Kishkindha.