The creation of Devi Durga : As comes the puja comes near, the creation of Devi impacts an important aspect in our life. The smell of mud, the drawing of her eyes, the various forms gives a deep impact on us.
The vital power that deviated from the gods took shape of a divine form, and from there on was accepted as the Mahadevi, a supreme Goddess. She is entirely different from the gods, her immense shakti to produce further powers of her own. When her work is done, she disappears, she is maya or illusion. She is depicted in Hindu mythology as riding on a lion , with her weapons and attacking the buffalo demon Mahisha. The primitive form that is worshiped in the month of Ashwin.
Traditionally, the idols of Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik and Ganesh are created in a frame/Chalchitra. However, this has undergone a change and in many places, the different incarnations are in separate frames. The gods and goddess, are adorned in gorgeous ornaments. But, the traditional custom of dressing up the images clay itself and then color applied is also followed in certain places. Durga is known by various names of which one is Dashabhuja or one with ten arms. She carries a weapon in each hand and its signifies the demoloshing the evil power that she got from all the gods accordingly to Hindu mythology.