Writing is not at all what i do but dared to write this small expression of my thought of what I feel when durga puja comes every year and some small feelings from my childhood that evoked in my mind. Being brought up in an industrial town from the childhood I was devoted to spiritual enlightenment when puja came, this was maybe I saw my Mother very religious minded and I use to accompany her whenever she went to temple to offer puja every week. My father though supported this feelings throughout his life. The presence of Mother Goddess starting from the Mahalaya morning was an onset and an special feeling and my mind was thrilled thinking of the vacation in school during the pujas. Every Year listening to Mahalaya with my family is what I cherished the most… Another thing came to my mind of buying new fashion clothes, shoes and other items that use to enchant me at this tinder age. Did not had broader spectrum of the view of what the reality of life meant, this became different when I grew up and seeing various circumstances of our society and the feeling of different people around us, we had become thinking of ourselves only rather than socially thinking of what we can do for our near and dear ones as well contribute something to the society. Its a reality that money can splendor much in our life that is needed but to make someone happy is a feeling that we can cherish throughout our lives.
Durga Puja has that social and economic revolution in our society. Mythology states Devi Durga comes to her home in earth for 4 days that’s what we know from childhood. Uma is our own daughter…Now a few things that I have felt throughout my life that would love to share with you. The win over the evil spirit is what the essence of Durga Puja is all meant to us. Devi demolished Asuras and created the peace in the Universe. Do we really kill our evil spirit and thing of a new world…Think of It…truly enough do not want to create a controversy here.
During the Puja I always have loved the Puja in Kolkata since i came here for studying and have decided to settle here since then. I travel throughout the city in search of the art, culture, lifestyle of common man. There are very beautiful people still in this world who do contribute to the society each day for making common people’s life happy through various act. I am lucky enough to get good clothes, shoes in my childhood but now i do feel different when i see people who cannot fulfil those desires due to their economic condition, this has made be unhappy at times.
I had tough times when i lost my near and dear ones and felt that life is once lived…we need to be more close and affectionate in our attitude. I walked down the street and felt the joy that Mother Uma is with us and we need to make things do differently.
I feel that we all want to stay happy in the festival times and this has become reluctant day by day the more I think of my people around me…R they happy, did they but clothes for family? Can they have some special foods during this time? I wish and pray to Holy Mother so that we all can thik of people, families who are around us.
Durga Puja is an age-old celebration and has various mythological facts that has made this festival a rich cultural heritage throughout India.
I feel that respect for all people, small moments of joy and to make at least someone happy can make my puja a grand one…still searching for that moment. Let’s take blessings from Holy Mother and make everyone smile during the days.
Plz note this is my personal feeling and not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiment if any.

Written By :  Sayan Biswas